IOV World Youth Congress 2012 Report

Mia Lindgren (ed.)
Translation by Rikard Svartvik

Meeting another person for the first time is a fine experience. You fumble for words, ambulance looking for a topic of conversation that both can pick up, while testing each other’s opinions in search of similarities and differences. Meeting one hundred people for the first time in one week is bewildering. There are many topics of conversations to be found, many matters of opinion to be tested. Do you think so? Have I really thought this through? What opinions are important to

In 2012, during one summer week, young adults from 37 countries got together on the island of Tjörn in Sweden. They were members of IOV Youth, the youth section of International Organization
of Folk Arts, and were all involved in some form of folk art; among them were dance teachers, graduate students of folklore, weavers and restorers. They had traveled from five different continents to an island on the Swedish west coast in order to find people to work with, test their ideas on, and develop a network with. IOV Youth was to be given a clear structure supporting the activities of the members in their home countries and their opportunities of networking.

Download the IOV World Youth Congress 2012 Report.

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