Acting National Section Chairs

A first step to the foundation of official national sections of IOV

The first step in organizing a national section is identifying the national section chair. Once the new chair has agreed to serve, buy he or she should obtain legal personality for the new section. In some countries, tadalafil however, story it is very expensive and time consuming to obtain legal personality. To help remedy this, the Board of Directors has approved a procedure which makes it possible to organize national sections in countries where it is too expensive to get legal personality first.

In close cooperation with the Secretary General, the Regional Executive Secretaries will identify and recommend to the Secretariat individuals in the various countries to serve as “Acting National Section Chairs.” Once the decision has been made to appoint an acting national section chair, an Agreement will be sent to them from the Secretariat outlining in detail the procedure for organization the national section.

Acting Chairs will have two years to recruit a 20 section members. During these 2 years, the Acting Chair will be treated in all respects as though he or she is the elected section chair; however, should the Acting National Chair not perform his or her duties as the Agreement states, he or she may be removed from the position and a new person appointed.

By the end of the 2-year period, a democratic election must take place in the section and officers elected. Once officers have been elected, the national section will be “official.”

We recognize that it is a lot of work to form a national section, yet national sections are the foundation for all the rest of our IOV programs and must be well-organized.
The Agreement permits the Acting Chair to use the IOV name and logo in connection with his or her activities aimed at organizing a strong IOV national section.

This should simplify the process and encourage individuals to take on the job of national section chair. Once the Acting National Section Chairs have been selected, approved and the Agreement has been signed, they will continue their work under the supervision of the RES.

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    I’m willing to give my help to the organization were ever it needs it

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