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Dear Festival Director,

rinaThis is a great pleasure to watch the visual information of our festivals and to experience the events you run around the world as IOV members.

As members, we can share the information of our events with other members, expose them to our folk culture and folk art and to show the important and unique projects we create. In addition, we are also being exposed to variety festivals that are feasible us to know it more closely and check it as possibilities for our groups and goals we would like to achieve.

Therefore, this is very important to provide the maximum visual information included photos, links, URL and of course the contact details.

Only IOV members, who paid the membership fees, can log in for watching and using the all information about each festival or event.

We invite you to register as member in IOV, be part in the big IOV family that aims to preserve, protect and promote the folklore and the heritage of each individual and institutional member.

If you run or you are part of festivals, please fill this application form.

In the next future, I would like to open new column for folk art and folk culture groups to share their folk activities in their countries and all over the world: dancing, costumes, singing, food, handicrafts etc. By providing this information, the groups will expose us to their culture and tradition.

This kind of information will let us create a new direct communication among all of us. We will know each other better by visual materials, and our next meetings will be more creative.

I see the next step creating the new platform of communication, having a forum where we can write to each other, asking for more information regarding our goals and groups. This forum will make it easier for us to be in touch.

I hope to establish a congress, which will focus on festivals for more opportunities to study about each other, having new events, raising money etc.

It will be my pleasure to get your feedback about it for improving and developing our IOV organization.

See you soon.

Rina Lazar (Israel) – V. President, Performance & Practices

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