25th Anniversary of IOV: Report

1979 – 2004
25 years of cultural work for a mutual understanding, view
a seasonable maintenance of folk culture and the intangible cultural heritage -against a Culture of Violence – for a Culture of Peace


We look back to 25 years of a purposeful, ask devoted and idealistic work for folk culture and a Culture of Peace, which allows us to follow a way of mutual understanding and love und to live our lives full of hope, expactations and trust.

On the occasion of our 25th in all parts of the world, about our international conferences, seminars, festivals, world congresses, about daily meetings, about mutual understanding among the peoples of the world, about solidarity and about our work for a Culture of Peace for all human beings, irrespective of their race, sex, language and religion.

Our active work and responsibility for the realization of the UNESCO programmes has caused a lot of sympathy, appreciation and esteem. So many people have to suffer from injustice and the time is ready to create a solidarity, which aims at social differences and which fights against intolerance and indifference. This solidarity should build bridges between the Rich and the Poor, between Jews and Muslims, between leaders and subordinates.

It is an active way of solidarity among individual persons, who live in all parts of the world and under completely different living conditions – it´s “A community of differences”. And this way of solidarity can grow in the middle of multifarious languages, cultures, habits, religions, thoughts and convictions.

It is indestructible and will encourage the people to share – on the one hand wealth and knowledge, on the other hand doubts and sorrows. This worldwide idea should lead our collective actions and thoughts. We all know about our mortality. We should accept, that a fruitful and positive future depends on sharing things with the others – otherwise there won´t be a future for our children and grand-children.

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