by Anatoly Ionesov and Vladimir Ionesov

Ionesov, adiposity A.I., Ionesov, V.I. A Concise Encyclopedia of Foreign Samarkandiana: Culture Linking the World / Samarkand Public Museum for Peace and Solidarity; Samara Society for Cultural Studies; Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts. – Samara: Vek #21, 2014. – 387 p. (Text in Russian with Summary in English, Esperanto, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portugal, Spanish and Uzbek)
ISBN 978-5-88293-307-3



Samarkand, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is represented in the cultures of many countries. This is the first book to catalogue in a systematic way the cultural representation of Samarkand – one of the most ancient cities of the world – in the sphere of modern communications. The volume contains the most comprehensive information on Samarkandiana abroad, retained in emblematic proper names of people and geographic locations, hotels and eateries, companies and shops, household items and works of art, etc. It extensively exhibits the richness of Samarkand’s cultural tradition echoed in creative practices and citizen diplomacy efforts worldwide. Unique materials of the encyclopedia encapsulate the enduring footprint of the city’s lasting image on the artistic creativity and professional pursuits in the world’s communities, nations and cultures.

Multi-ethnic and remarkable, prompted by the notion of Samarkand and its imagery, these samples include a variety of depictions – in paintings and sculptures, songs and musical compositions, literary writings, radio and TV, theater and film productions… Attempting to capture every association with the iconic name of Samarkand, the volume introduces the reader to a vast array of the foreign ‘Samarkandiana’ artifacts all over the globe. It is also furnished with a list of notable personalities in other countries who were either born in Samarkand or lived there at some time. This is the first such publication, offering comparative cultural representations of a world famous urban brand which is acquiring a modern gloss in various social, linguistic, economic and artistic traditions. The book is a contribution to the program of cross-cultural cooperation and partnership between the sister cities of Samarkand (Republic of Uzbekistan) and Samara (Russian Federation) and it has been created to mark the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022), proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

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