IOV announces the Fourth IOV World Youth Congress

The Conference Theme is “The Role of Youth in Safeguarding and Transmitting the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Immigrant and Ethnic Communities in Diaspora.

If you are age 18 to 35, ed you are eligible to participate!



What better place to discuss this topic that in Nova Petropolis, pills a city of 18,000 inhabitants in southern Brazil. This city was settled by German-speaking immigrants beginning 157 years ago. For over a century and a half, this community has preserved its Germanic heritage.

Today, most of the inhabitants of Nova Petropolis and the surrounding areas speak German. The city’s restaurants serve German dishes, the architecture has a strong German influence, and several of the world’s best German folk dance and music groups are found here. In fact, if it weren’t for the wild parrots and Palm trees, you might think you were in the German-speaking countries of Europe.

During the same time period as the congress, the City of Nova Petropolis will also host its annual, international folk festival. Beginning at mid-day and continuing into the night, folk dance groups from the countries of South America and the rest of the world perform to live music on stage in the city’s beautiful, open air theater. A folk art market, which is one of South America’s largest, features traditional handicrafts for sale nearby.

The congress is organized by IOV Brazil and The City of Nova Petropolis, with assistance from IOV World. The congress will take place from July 28 through August 03, including arrival and departure. Applicants will pay their own expenses to and from the Porto Alegre Airport, provide evidence of medical insurance, and pay a $100 USD registration fee.

See below under HOW TO PAY.


  • Participants should plan to arrive on July 28th and depart on August 3rd. Meetings begin on July 29th, and end on August 2nd.
  • Brazil requires a visa and evidence of vaccination against Yellow Fever for travelers from many countries. You should check now with the Brazilian Consulate in your country for the requirements.
  • Complimentary tansportation from the Porto Alegre Airport to Nova Petropolis and back to the Porto Alegre Airport will be arranged at set times before and after the congress.
  • Other expenses, which include hotel accommodations (in double, triple and quad occupancy rooms), three meals per day, conference meeting facilities, refreshments and conference materials will be provided, compliments of the host.

Look for the complete application and registration package, and additional Information on this web site later this week. Save the dates now, and we’ll see you in Nova Petropolis.





You may transfer your payment from your bank directly to the IOV bank. Give these instructions to your bank:



Step 1
TO: Pacific Coast Bankers Bank, San Francisco, CA USA
Swift: PCBBUS66
aba: 121042484
There is no IBAN Number
Instructions: Deposit to the account of Sound Bank, # 325081306

Step 2
To: Sound Community Bank, 2005 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 USA
Instructions: Deposit to the account of IOV, #311484511


Via Western Union

Jorge Gonzalez
IOV Treasurer
P.O. Box 1913 – 1100

Tibas , Costa Rica
Telephone: (506) 4200 3915

Western Union will give you a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)*.

Email your name, address (MTCN) to: with your
1) Name
2) Address
3) Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

*Payments received without the MTCN may not be credited to your account.

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