Fourth IOV World Youth Congress

4th IOV Youth World Congress

The Role of Youth in Safeguarding and Transmitting the Intangible Cultural Heritage
of Immigrant and Ethnic Communities in Diaspora Host City

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The Fourth IOV World Youth Congress was held from July 29 to August 2, 2015 in Nova Petroplis, Brazil. It was organized by IOV Brazil and the City of Nova Petropolis in cooperation with IOV World.

The theme of the Congress was “The Role of the Youth in Safeguarding and Transmitting the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Immigrant and Ethnic Communities in Diaspora.

Nova Petropolis is a community which was established 157 years ago by German-speaking immigrants from Europe. Nowadays, their German-speaking descendants continue to practice the traditions of their ancestral homeland and maintain the intangible cultural heritage for the next generations.

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Nova Petropolis hosted, at the same time, a big international event, its annual international folk dance and music festival, receiving groups and companies from every region of Brazil, and many foreign countries for performances each day on the beautiful open-air festival stage. Nearby, there was one of the continent’s largest handicrafts fair. Website:

Program of the Event

The participants presented papers, lectures, workshops, demonstrations and lead discussions on the congress’s theme and other closely related topics. All presentations was submitted and presented in English. Furthermore, the participants of the IOV Youth Congress watched perfomances and participated in many activities of the 43th INTERNATIONAL FOLKLORE FESTIVAL OF NOVA PETRÓPOLIS – RS.

Main activities of the Congress’s Program:

July, 29th – Wednesday
9h10 – Official Opening of 4th IOV World Youth Congress
10h30 – Conference: “Theoretical aspects of ethno-culture in diáspora”
Anna Brzozowska Krajka – Poland

11h – Lecture “The importance of folk art in poor communities: Inclusion through folk art – América
Unida Project’s Case”
Gustavo Verno – Uruguay
Thiago Amorim – Brazil

11h30 – Lecture “Investigation and artistic propositions in Ecuador”
Adriana Molina – Equador

14h – Conference “A scientific approach to Azerbaijan cuisine and Archeology”
Tahir Amiraslanov – Azerbaijan

14h30 – “The joint masterpiece of Azerbaijan- Turkish traditional garments in Dede Qorqud Epos”
Minara Guliyeva – Azerbaijan

14h50 – Lecture “A meeting with cultural diversity as a constitutive factor of human ethics: the Fitas
Group experience”
Danillo Batista – Brazil
Paula Mendes – Brazil

15h30 – Conference “Folklore and Turkish Folklore” – “The Turkish Immigrant Folklore in the Contexts
of inner and outsider immigrations”
Ozkul Cobanoglu – Turkey

16h – Lecture “How to develop Cultural Exhibits in Traditional and non Traditional Settings”
Nilgun Aydin – Turkey

16h30 – Turkish Theatrical Performance
– After the dinner, dance exchanges

July, 30th- Thursday
Morning and Afternoon – City Tour
– After the dinner, dance exchanges

July, 31st- Friday
9h30 – Workshop “Cuia making”
Gaudencio Terra – Brazil

10h – Workshop “ Handcraft and body painting”
Indio Tuche – Brazil

11h – “Introducing IOV – International Organization of Folk Art”
Carmen Padilla – IOV World President – Philippines
Daniela Santos – Brazil

11h30 – Lecture “How to organize a region in IOV. The case of Central and Eastern Europe”
Wieslaw Krajka – Poland

14h – Lecture “My life in IOV”
Ryu Hyangyoon – Japan

14h20 – “IOV challenges”
Gabriel Freitas de Souza – Brazil

14h40– Lecture “Study case of IOV in the State of Goias”
Adilson Rocha – Brazil

15h – Workshop “Traditional Austrian Dances: Walzer, Polka, Schuhplatter”
Bernhard Jagersberg – Austria
Monika Brandner – Austria

15h40h – Workshop “Brazilian dances: Northern, Carimbó; Southeast , Cirandas”
Flavia Dutra – Brazil

Workshop “Brazilian dances: Soutern, Danças Gauchas; Northeast, Ciranda Itamaraca”
Alexandre Carvalho – Brazil

17h – Workshop “Brazilian Culture and Folk Dance – Samba”
Thiago Amorim – Brazil

– After the dinner, dance exchanges

August, 1st- Saturday
9h30 – Workshop “Cuia making”
Gaudencio Terra – Brazil

14h – Lecture “The importance of traditional Turkish music Instrument Tanbur in terms of Turkish
music and culture”
Gokhan Algan – Turkey

15h – Lecture “Strategies design towards the promotion and exportation of llanera music to the USA
and Spain”
Diego Alejandro Cardenas – Colombia

15h30 – Lecture “A influência da cultura Italiana na cidade de Jarinu e o grupo Stella Bianca”
“The Italian influence in the city of Jarinu and the Stella Bianca group”
Jederson Machado – Brazil

17h – Assembly and Election IOV Youth Comission

August, 2nd- Sunday

14h – Street Parade
19h – Closing Ceremony

Fan Page 4th IOV Youth World Congress in Facebook

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Link of Fan Page:

New IOV Youth Commission

During the event, representants of the many countries from different continents met themselves for the congress’s assembly, when discussing about IOV topics and made the election of the new IOV Youth World Commission. Were elected for the assembly Thiago Amorim (Brazil) as Chair, and Minara Guliyeva (Azerbaijan) and Oyuna Baldakova (Russia), as Vice-Chairs.

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Minara, Thiago and Oyuna – New IOV Youth World Comission

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Youth in the IOV meeting

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Thiago, new Chair of IOV Youth, and Carmen, IOV President


Some images of 4th IOV Youth World Congress
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