Directory of Services and Personnel

During the General Assembly (GA) of IOV World, half November 2016 in Bergamo, Italy, the new Executive Committee (EC) was elected.

The EC is now composed as follows:

–          Ali A. Khalifa, President

–          Marcel J. Oelbrandt, Secretary General

–          Hans J. Holz, Vice-President

–          Emma Chen Hoefler, Vice-Presidant

–          Henk Huijser, Treasurer

–          Fabrizio Cattaneo, Secretary

The CV’s and email addresses of these EC members, you will find on the page ‘Who’s Who in IOV’, under the ‘About IOV’ button.

After the GA the Board of Directors (BD) as proposed by the EC, appointed the following members: 

–      Adviser in the EC: Abdullah Saleh, Chair of the Financial Support Commission

–      Members in the DB:

o   Chair Festivals & Practices Commission:  Geert Nijhof 

o   Chair Science, Research & Financial Support Commission: Mohammed El Nouiri

o   Chair Communication & Publications Commission: Dr. Nour Badis

o   Chair Special Projects Commission: Parul Shah

o   Chair Youth Commission: Oyuna Baldakova

The e-mail addresses of the commission chairs, you will find on our new website under ‘Commissions’, in the right column.

o   Meritorious person: Dr. Ahmed Morsi

o   Regional Executive Director for Africa: Dr. Mohamed Jowdat

o   Regional Executive Director for MENA countries: Abdulaziz A. Al Musallam

o   Co-opted members: Yury Guryanov & Oyna Baldakova


The following members to the Commissions were appointed:

–      Science, Research & Financial Support Commission: Abdullah Saleh

–      Youth Commission: Minara Guliyeva

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