Directory of Services and Personnel

All concerns not listed below:
Mrs. Carmen D. Padilla
IOV President

Festivals, cough performing groups, order music, ailment handicrafts, and all other performing arts and traditional practices:
Mrs. Rina Lazar
Vice-president of IOV for Performances and Practices

Science and research:
Prof. Mila Santova
Vice President of IOV

Mr. Ali Khalifa
Vice-president of IOV

Special Projects for Protection and Development of Folk Art
Emma Chen Hoefler
Vice-president of IOV

Membership Fees and all other financial matters:
Mr. Henk Huijser
IOV Treasurer

Membership records, new member applications:
Ms. Eleonora Valota
Membership Records Secretary

Acting Secretary General
Mr. Fabrizio Cattaneo

Legal, Bylaws, Certification with UNESCO, ECOSOC, ICH:
Mr. George Frandsen
Chair Legal Committee

IOV Youth Committee
Mr. Thiago Amorin
Chair IOV Youth Commission


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