IOV Government

General Assembly (GA)

All IOV members are part of the General Assembly. It elects officers, adopts and amends bylaws, and grants honorary membership. Other duties are found in Article 10 of the bylaws. One representative of each national section, regional executive secretaries, officers and committee chairs are eligible to vote. The general assembly meets every second year.

Executive Committee (EC)

The IOV Executive Committee consists of the president, secretary-general, vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer and assistant treasurer. Members are elected by majority vote of the general assembly for a term of four years. The executive committee considers all matters before the organization and makes recommendations to the board of directors. Other responsibilities are set forth in Article 12 of the IOV Bylaws.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of the members of the executive committee, regional executive secretaries, committee chairs, secretary, treasurer and the assistant treasurer. Other IOV members may also be elected to the board of directors by the general assembly. The board of directors, which meets twice a year, is the body which implements IOV programs and projects and has responsibility for all areas not specifically delegated to the EC or reserved by the GA. Some responsibilities include:

  • selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the chief executive;
  • ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources;
  • accounting to the stakeholders for the organization’s performance;


The Secretary-General is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. He or she functions much as an executive director in other nonprofit organizations. The secretary-general, with the assistance of staff, is responsible for maintaining the IOV records.


The bylaws specifically authorize three commissions, each chaired by a vice-president. The commissions are (1) Performance and Practices, (2) Research, and (3) Publications. Commissions are also organized on the regional level.

Auditing Committee

The IOV General Assembly elects three Auditors for a period of four years. The auditors are responsible for reporting the financial health of the organization to the general assembly.

Dispute Resolution Committee

The IOV Dispute Resolution Committee resolves controversies between IOV members which may arise in the conduct of IOV programs, projects, operations and in furtherance of the mission of the organization. Seven IOV members comprise the dispute resolution committee.

Elections Committee

Upon the recommendation of the secretary-general, the board of directors appoints three IOV members to form the elections committee. The committee is responsible for conducting the election of officers.

The IOV Legal Committee

The IOV Legal Committee is composed of three members recommended by the secretary-general and appointed by the executive committee. Its purpose is to ensure compliance with IOV bylaws, make recommendations for amending the bylaws, approve the form of all motions presented to the general assembly, and generally act in the capacity of legal and procedural advisor to the officers and directors.

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