Our Goals

We encourage and promote the living traditions of all through the advancement of all forms of folk art.  To reach our objectives, we encourage the cooperation of individuals and institutions who will join us in our work to:

  • Identify and research all forms of folk and traditional arts, including, but not limited to dance, music, rituals, narratives, food ways, traditional medicine and healing, vernacular architecture, traditional craftsmanship, as well as the traditional knowledge and practices that are the basis of human civilization;
  • Increase awareness of the world’s rich and diverse cultures through folkloric festivals, classes, seminars, symposia, exhibits, folk art markets, culinary events and demonstrations;
  • Build a strong network of people and resources in support of those who are inspired by folk and traditional arts and who wish to share with their talents and skills with others;
  • Identify and partner with organizations sharing common objectives and programs in order to conserve resources and avoid duplication;
  • Present folk art in live performances, exhibitions, workshops and at other public events;
  • Publish newsletters, research papers, articles and educational materials on all aspects of folk art and folk culture;
  • Produce guides for festival organizers and performing groups to promote authenticity and artistic excellence;
  • Publish a calendar of folk festivals and events for the public;
  • Provide opportunities for elders to transmit traditional knowledge and skills to younger generations;
  • Create a supportive and respectful environment for the presentation of folk, both tangible and intangible; and,
  • Encourage intercultural dialogue and promote activities which foster cooperation among culturally diverse communities.


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