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President’s Speech at the Opening of the IOV’s World Youth Congress

President’s Speech at the Opening of the IOV’s World Youth Congress in Krakow, Poland July 12-16, 2017   Dear friends, I welcome you to the International Organization of Folk Art’s (IOV’s) World Youth Congress in Krakow, a beautiful city that reminds me of love and friendship. You are in one of the European Union’s leading countries in terms of heritage, civilization, and contributions to...

Report on the 5th IOV Youth Congress – Myslenice Poland

The 5th IOV Youth congress took place in My?lenice, Poland, from July 13- 16, 2017, with 20 participants from countries such as Hungary, Belarus, Vietnam, Bahrain, Syria, Guatemala, Senegal and Austria, at the Malopolska School Of Hospitality. Participants spent a week in a flurry of cultural exchange, teaching one another about stories and aspects of their heritage close to their hearts. Presenters gave away paintings, demonstrated dances and played traditional instruments, while dressed in their country’s national costumes.

XIV IOV Conference Andorf Austria 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS AND ABSTRACTS. The theme of the scientific part the conference is focused on the category of change based on relationship between authenticity and innovation (degrees of its admissibility by a regional/local community). It concerns in particular the processes of modernization, transformation and attempts at unification (homogenization) of particular national cultures, and especially folk cultures as their component parts – in their intangible dimension (broadly understood folklore, including e-folklore) and tangible dimension. It is hoped that the papers presented will formulate some diagnoses re: contemporary essence of folk cultures in European countries.

ICH conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In fall 2016 has been held the 11th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). Marcel Oelbrandt, Secretary General and Emma Chen Hoefler, Vice President, were present as observer for IOV which as NGO, is an official partner of Unesco.

The New Executive Committee of IOV

During the General Assembly in Bergamo (Italy), ed delegations from 37 countries elected the new Executive Committee of IOV. On the picture from left to right: Fabrizio Cattaneo (Secretary), Marcel Oelbrandt (Secretary-General), Hans Holz (Vice-President), new IOV President Ali Khalifa, next to Honorary President Carmen Padilla, Emma Chen Höfler (Vice-President) and Henk Huijser (Treasurer). Click photo to...


Check out the agenda for the 2016 IOV WORLD GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

A Tribute to Professor Mieczyslaw Marczuk

The Chair, drugs Vice-chairs and Executive Board of IOV Poland announces, seek with profound grief, that on 22nd July 2016 professor Mieczyslaw Marczuk passed away. He was the principal founder of the Polish Section of IOV and its Chair for 22 years (1985-2007). Since 2015 he was the Honorary Chair. Mieczyslaw Marczuk was Professor Emeritus of The School of Pedagogy and Psychology Maria Curie-Sklodowska University...


The 2016 IOV General Assembly will meet in Bergamo, Italy. Participants should arrive in Bergamo on Nov 10 and depart on Nov 13, 2016.

IOV announces the Fourth IOV World Youth Congress

The Conference Theme is “The Role of Youth in Safeguarding and Transmitting the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Immigrant and Ethnic Communities in Diaspora. "

25th Anniversary of IOV: Report

1979 – 2004 25 years of cultural work for a mutual understanding, view a seasonable maintenance of folk culture and the intangible cultural heritage -against a Culture of Violence – for a Culture of Peace   We look back to 25 years of a purposeful, ask devoted and idealistic work for folk culture and a Culture of Peace, which allows us to follow a way of mutual understanding and love und to live our...

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