International Folk Fest

International Folk Fest

07/25/2016 - 08/05/2016

Sestu, Italia

International Festival of Dance – Songs and Music of the local tradition. It participates as well as to our festivals, arthritis festivals in different locations.

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Website Link of the City or Geographic Area:

Contact Person : Angioni Pirpaolo, Cannas Renato

Address: 09028 Sestu – Via S.G. Calasanzio, 4

Telephone (business): +39 3488047962

Telephone (private): +39 3488047962

Fax: +39 0704512544


Age range of performers: 16 and up

Language: Italian

How is the application obtained: Submit the application request to our e-mail address

Does festival use a contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)?: Yes

If a MoU is used, is it an IOV Standard MoU?:

The Festival:
This festival is primarily a folk dance and music festival. It also has conference, seminar, workshops.

Is an English language speaking local guide provided each group?: Yes

This festival is an organized as a nonprofit organization: Yes

Is there a mandatory fee for performers to participate in this festival: Yes

Amount of Fee: there is a fixed tax

Types of venues Square outdoor theater

Length of programs: 10 day

Length of parade: 1 km.

The festival accepts: Dancers with live music

Usual number of performing ensembles invited:

International: 9/12

National: 3

Size of performing groups:

Minimum: 15

Maximum: 30

Groups are accommodated in: Schools

Where are meals served: Self-service in the school
Special dietary requirements taken into consideration.

Locked rooms:

Telephone numbers of the organizers for emergency situations:
+39 3488047962 – +39 3687886632

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